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Tire Balancing & Tire Rotation: Is It Really That Important?

Little things can create big annoyances, but with a little effort, they can entirely be avoided. This especially applies to a vehicle's tire balancing and tire rotation.

Tire Balancing - Every time a new tire is mounted onto the wheel of a car, it needs to be balanced. The goal is to make sure the weight is even as it rotates around the axle. If this step is overlooked or bypassed, the slightest out of balance will be noticeable. This will produce an annoying vibration that is transmitted to the driver through the steering wheel and to the passengers through the body of the vehicle.

A wheel's balance is checked on a wheel balancing machine that can detect as little as 1/4 ounce difference in weight around the wheel. That tiny amount of weight is traveling around the axle hundreds of times a minute. It creates enough momentum to cause serious vibration And if there is more than one tire out of balance, the vibration will significantly worsen. Unbalanced tires put uneven pressure on the treads. This causes them to get too hot and to wear unevenly, as well as putting a strain on the wheel bearings and suspension system.

To balance, the technician places tiny offsetting weights at specific points around the wheel. This corrects the problem initially. However, because every bump and corner affects balance, it's important to have tires balanced regularly.

Tire Rotation – To ensure proper and even wear, it is recommended to have your vehicle's tires rotated on a regular basis. Typically it is recommended at every 5 to 6 thousand mile interval. Tire rotation typically involves moving the rear ones diagonally forward and the front ones to the rear diagonally in an 'X' pattern. This enhances the life of the tires and keeps the ones with the most tread on the traction wheels of the vehicle.

During typical use, it's a good idea to have your tires rotated and balanced every 4,000 to 6,000 miles, especially any time a tire is replaced or patched. Sometimes little things make a big difference, especially when it comes to tire balancing and tire rotation.

Need a quality tire rotation and tire balance? We will be glad to help you. Contact our ASE Certified Technicians at Price's Precision auto repair shop today by calling (406) 248-2838, or go on-line to for more information. Our Tech-Net professional auto repair shop in Billings, MT, also serves vehicle owners in the areas of Shepherd and Laurel, MT.

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